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    When we got our puppy Teddy, it was important to us to find a primary veterinarian so they would be familiar with him and his history as he grew up. After a few negative experiences with a local veterinary clinic, I started looking into mobile vets (mainly because of the pandemic) and stumbled across Dr. Daniel.Teddy was having a bunch of tummy issues at the time, and she was able to come by and see him the next morning!During the appointment, I was blown away by how smoothly she handled everything. Before doing anything, she got down on the floor and made sure to get herself acquainted with Teddy. Once Teddy warmed up to her (which took 2 seconds), she did a physical exam and he didn't even notice! He thought she was playing with him and loved every minute of it.Dr. Daniel is also always happy to explain the reasoning behind her treatment plans and it's extremely clear that her priority is your pet's health. If she thinks something is a waste of time and money, she tells you very honestly. Her genuine love and compassion for animals really shows, and I know Teddy is in great hands.Teddy loves her so much he sometimes falls asleep in her lap!

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    I wish I could give more than 5 stars for Dr. Sarah. My kitty Mochi had a horrible dental/periodontal issue and wasn't eating and I called everywhere in the Bay Area to see if they could help. Even the emergency vet told us there was very little they could do since COVID has stopped most dental services. I reached out to Dr. Sarah and not only did she make time to come see Mochi on her lunch break but gave Mochi the greatest care I have ever experienced, even after her appt.

    When she came to treat Mochi, she spent time to let her warm up to the doctor, something I've never experienced with any vet. She solved Mochi's immediate issues, gave references to specialists, and was able to prescribe her meds on the spot. Dr. Sarah is a lifesaver and has our business for life.

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    Dr. Sarah is wonderful! My dog became ill on a Sunday around 2am. I discovered Dr. Sarah later that morning and she was at our home by 11am. A home visit was a welcome relief from having to take my anxious dog to an ER (especially during COVID). She's kind, knows her stuff and is very responsive over email and text. I highly recommend Sarah and her services.

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    Dr. Sarah is just the absolute best. She was able to squeeze us in as soon as we got our puppy even though her schedule is jam-packed. She is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and felt safe  - her services feel so personalized (yes, it's a home visit) but she takes great interest in getting to know our Byron and what is best for him. She also helped us with the 101 of having a puppy and things to look out for and how to best train him. I've never felt so reassured after meeting with her. We are so excited and grateful Byron gets such an incredible vet.

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    Dr Daniel is the real deal!

    We just got our puppy 2 weeks ago and because of the current situation no vets or the SPCA are taking any new clients
    After a week of feeling helpless I talked to the owner of SF Puppy Prep who referred me to Sarah

    I texted this morning and by 2 she was at my front door

    This was a new experience for me and it couldn't have been more comfortable and easy

    She has an amazing vibe, answered all my questions and gave me really helpful advice for pretty much everything
    I need to know about the do's and dont's with a new puppy

    I also thought my pup was gonna be traumatized getting shots , but with her calm touch, and a treat she had for him he didn't even make a sound "amazing
    She is truly a magician, so so glad we found her and I know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship

    If you don't want a sterile feel and a cold doctors office
    than this is definitely the way to go

    Thanks again Dr Daniel

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    Sarah Daniel has been the home vet for our two cats for a couple of years.  She is the best!  She is knowledgeable, takes her time yet gets a lot done in one visit, and most of all has a good way with pets.  She has expertise with senior pet issues.  For example she has had several effective suggestions for our 20-year-old cat's arthritis and kidney challenges.   She has also been trained in and offers cold laser treatments, which have greatly stabilized the joint deterioration and improved his quality of life.  Our other cat is highly skittish with any strangers coming to the house (but is even more skittish being taken to the vet), and Dr Sarah had some medication suggestions for pre-medicating him before the visit so she could do a complete exam and lab draw and make the experience less stressful for him.  Dr. Sarah's calm demeanor also helped put him at ease.She sends a  report  summarizing the visit  and recommendations so you don't forget all the information covered during her very thorough visits.Highly recommend her for a home vet visit and cold laser therapy!

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    Dr. Sarah saved my ancient cat's life.  He loves her and used to run from his last doctor.  Sarah listens, is very thoughtful and is the best veterinarian we've had.  I always look forward to her visits and know that Cole is in the best hands possible.

    Renata A.

    Dr Sarah Daniel is a fantastic vet for our rescue pup Gabby. We first started working with her through Vetted Petcare and were thrilled to find her directly through Yelp once Vetted shut down. Her weekend availability and home visits are super convenient, and she's so friendly and kind. Gabby is a big fan and not at all scared of the vet, even when having injections and being examined. Highly recommended!

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    Dr. Sarah Daniel is the best vet I've had the pleasure of meeting. My dog is quite anxious and especially HATES having her feet meddled with! Which is unfortunate because she gets a lot of infected feet! I thought I'd give house calls a try because maybe it would make her less afraid, and it seemed to work! I'm going to do this from now on instead of the clinic - it also saved me so much time :) She clearly knows her stuff and was able to talk me through a plan and recommendations for long-term care of my dog's issues. She was also nice and efficient - we got a blood test and feet clean and laser therapy for her arthritis all within 45 minutes. I'm going to recommend The Kind Vets to other dog parents I know who have anxious dogs or just are short on time!

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    Dr. Sarah has been an absolute treasure. She's been treating our cats for  4 years and is incredibly helpful in explaining medical terms, assessing best treatment and describing a full range of treatment options, and getting info about symptoms and behaviors we didn't even recognize as possible problems. She really knows how to "read" our cats' moods and affect. She keeps a careful eye on our cats' treatment at other places (specialists, dentist, etc.). She is knowledgable about a wide range of medical approaches, from all-natural to pharmaceutical. She's also very responsive with questions between appointments. Top notch, best vet we've ever had!

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    This review is about one of the best individuals I've ever met. My only other review is about a sandwich.Dr. Daniel first walked into our home confronted with a difficult challenge, two years ago. Although extremely loving to us, both of our cats are almost impossible to handle, particularly one. Dr. Daniel was able to read our situation better than any doctor in the previous 14 years. She knew exactly what limits both her colleague and herself would adhere to, yet performed the most informative and intelligent exam my wife and I had ever witnessed.

    She communicated to us is a manner that enabled my wife to perform a daily procedure which has extended the quality of life for both cats.Dr. Daniel has been to our home about 6 times. She is always as concerned about us and how our interactions with our cats are going. Dr. Daniel values the balance of medical treatment along with the notion of quality of life. She is an extremely talented, smart, confident, honest, and sensitive doctor.There is no doubt what so ever, that she is among the very best in her profession.Highly recommended!

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    We, as a whole family (and all our furry kids) are so glad Dr. Daniel came into our lives. The whole vet experience has changed. It is in our home, no drama, no upset animals who can't stand waiting rooms. She takes the time to explain everything. The follow up is amazing. Our dog Leela is an unusual case. Here she is washing her paws, to ease her discomfort. Thank you for all that you do, we really appreciate it. She is not only a wonderful vet, but a kind and caring person. Thank you!

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    Dr. Daniel is the best vet I have ever used. She is so kind and nurturing to my dog but also extremely effective in diagnosis. She really takes time to understand the issues and cares deeply about checking in to make sure there is an improvement. The fact that she care to my home was also a massive plus. My dog Georgia is terminally scared of vet office visits but Dr. Daniel made Georgia feel so relaxed and loved vs just treating her as an animal. So so so thankful I found an amazing doctor for my dog Georgia. Best best best experience ever. Thank you Dr. Daniel!!!

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