$200 House call visit 

Urgent care visit $250 (spaces are not always available, and if we do not
get back to you within a short amount of time, please seek assistance
elsewhere). See below for examples appropriate for urgent care.

$50 Additional pet 

$75 for Telehealth/Video evaluation*

$35-70 Laser therapy, if adding onto current visit (significantly discounted packages available)

End of life care

$600 Communal cremation (total)
$700 Private cremation (total)
Size restrictions apply



$35 Rabies, DHPP, Bord, Lepto

$40 CIV, Lyme



$45 Rabies (PureVax 1 year), FeLv

$90 Rabies (PureVax 3 year) 

Other Services

$50 Heart worm testing

$75 Heart worm, lyme, ehrlichia, anaplasma testing(combo)

$50 Fecal testing

$25 Nail trim**

$30 Anal sac expression

$50 Anal sac expression with infusion

$25 Ear cleaning

$100-$300+ Labs

Prescription pricing varies

*Offered on a case by case basis and can only be offered to clients that have had a house call with the doctor within the last year

**Offered if patient is compliant

Examples of appointments appropriate for urgent care requests:
-Ear infections\skin infections
-Coughing\sneezing\nasal discharge
-Eye discharge and redness
-Minor vomiting\diarrhea

Examples of emergencies that need to be seen by the ER:
-Toxin ingestion
-Hit by car
-Pet that is unable to urinate
-Deep wounds
-Pale gums
-Vaccine reaction

If you suspect your pet is having an emergency, please call one of the
hospitals listed on our 'Emergency' tab.

We have a 24h cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24h of your confirmed appointment time, we will send you a Venmo request for fulfillment.

Prices subject to change