If your pet is fractious, aggressive or unhandleable, you will still be charged for the visit. Depending on the situation, the doctor may give advice and prescribe medications to potentially allow for handling at a repeat visit. This recheck may be discounted depending on the situation.


$200 House call visit 

Urgent care visit $250 (spaces are not always available, and if we do not
get back to you within a short amount of time, please seek assistance
elsewhere). See below for examples appropriate for urgent care.

$50 Additional pet 

$75 for Telehealth/Video evaluation*

$35-70 Laser therapy, if adding onto current visit (significantly discounted packages available)



$35 Rabies, DHPP, Bord, Lepto

$40 CIV, Lyme



$45 Rabies (PureVax 1 year), FeLv

$90 Rabies (PureVax 3 year) 

Other Services

$50 Heart worm testing

$75 Heart worm, lyme, ehrlichia, anaplasma testing(combo)

$50 Fecal testing

$25 Nail trim**

$30 Anal sac expression

$50 Anal sac expression with infusion

$25 Ear cleaning

$100-$300+ Labs

Prescription pricing varies

*Offered on a case by case basis and can only be offered to clients that have had a house call with the doctor within the last year

**Offered if patient is compliant

Examples of appointments appropriate for urgent care requests:
-Ear infections\skin infections
-Coughing\sneezing\nasal discharge
-Eye discharge and redness
-Minor vomiting\diarrhea

Examples of emergencies that need to be seen by the ER:
-Toxin ingestion
-Hit by car
-Pet that is unable to urinate
-Deep wounds
-Pale gums
-Vaccine reaction

If you suspect your pet is having an emergency, please call one of the
hospitals listed on our 'Emergency' tab.

We have a 24h cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24h of your confirmed appointment time, we will send you a Venmo request for fulfillment.

Prices subject to change